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The sourdough story

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The sourdough story

You don't have to be Canadian to enjoy this, though it comes to you from the archives of the CBC. It's a fictional story about a guy named Dave who agrees to babysit a sourdough starter for his neighbour. It's replaying right now as part of a program to perk everyone's spirit up and bring us together during this distancing Easter weekend. But the original goes back decades and was retold in 2016 as part of a tour up north in the version posted below.

The piece was written and delivered by one of Canada's most loved broadcasters, humorists and authors, Stuart McLean in his long-running show The Vinyl Cafe. Sadly, both are gone now. Stuart died of cancer in 2017. As Wikipedia puts it, he was known for his fiction and nonfiction that celebrated the decency and dignity of ordinary people.

Enjoy the whole program if you wish. But if you want to go straight to the sourdough story, as last told by Stuart up in the Yukon, click on the play button and then on the audio timeline at about the 18:30 minute mark.

Happy Vesak, Passover, Easter, Ramadan, or anything else you're celebrating this April 2020.