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Baker turned chef turned baker

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Baker turned chef turned baker

Hi All,

 I started out as a home baker and learned everything from books and this site. After a few years working as a sous chef in restaurants, I have ended up as a single mom and unable to maintain restaurant hours so I am thinking about returning to my first love, home baking. I am thinking of investing in a small deck oven to keep in my garage and starting a bread and laminated dough business out of my home. Does anyone have any ideas experience with this or advice for me? I would love some suggestions on ovens as well.  

thanks to whoever created this site in the first place. I know it is just a bread and baking forum, but it has meant much more than that to me. 


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First, welcome to the site.  (Actually, first I wish you good health in these trying times.)  This is a great place to learn about bread in general and baking issues in particular.

Along with encouraging you to explore this site, I wonder whether you have spent any time at the Bread Bakers Guild of America (BBGA) site.  I use both TFL and BBGA for ideas, and for me this one (TFL) is great for home baking.  The benefit for me of also getting the BBGA daily blog is reading about things that occur in the larger commercial world, where the issues that pop up in a business setting are interesting for me to think about.  In doing that I know that there have been several persons there looking to open cottage bakeries, and I also know that there have been several threads on exactly what you are asking (equipment to buy, electrical requirements, satisfying local inspectors, and so forth).

My suggestion is that you dive in here, post questions, post photos of your bakes, and engage in the conversations and become active on TFL.  My comments about BBGA are to give you an additional resource and are in no way meant to send you away for TFL.

Happy baking -- and stay safe and stay healthy.