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instant pot for proofing?

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instant pot for proofing?

Hi all


I recently saw the Brod and Taylor bread proofer (  and that it is also advertised as a yogurt maker. My instant pot also doubles as a yogurt maker. Could  I use the yogurt function in the instant pot to proof my bread? Any negative's to this? I am currently in San Diego and my kitchen is in the shade, with normal temp around 66F year around.

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Sounds like an interesting idea! I worry that the Instant Pot might get too hot though. I'm assuming the Instant Pot's yogurt making function is designed to hold liquid at a temperature of ~98 °F, which is way too hot for proofing bread. And without liquid in the pot it would likely make the walls of the pot even hotter, which would cook the dough instead of proofing it.

Lots of folks here have recommended proofing dough in the oven, either by turning on the light for heat, or by turning on the oven for a few seconds to hold 80 °F or so. That has worked really well for me and is I think the easiest solution to the problem of cold kitchen temperatures. I have also used a homemade incubator: a styrofoam box with a light bulb for heat and a thermostat. That's more complicated to build, but it holds a steady temperature and I've used it for proofing dough (and making tempeh and yogurt too).

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I am new to this forum, but not to bread baking. I have used the yogurt function on my IP to proof many loaves of bread used with traditional yeast.  I am just starting out with sourdough, so not sure how that will work, but for my usual white bread, or challah, the IP proofing is a champ, especially with imperfect temp/humidity in the house. 

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Yes you can use yogurt mode to proof, I’ve it myself. Although I’ve since bought the IP duo evo plus which actually has a proofing function with much wider temperature control. Btw I’ve had the Brød and Taylor for over 5 years and it works great. The benefit of it being that you can proof shaped doughs in up to a 13x9 pan. So it’s great for second rise. It’s also nice for keeping chocolate at dipping temperature. I also use my Excalibur dehydrator for proofing pans larger than 13x9 ( half sheets) and for fermenting yogurt.