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Tasty sourdough English muffins

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Tasty sourdough English muffins

Hello from a first-time poster! I'm still working on getting truly photogenic loaves, but I am exploring other uses for my levain too. My partner and I were craving English muffins, which I thought would be a perfect way to use up some extra starter. Going off the very easy KAF recipe for sourdough English muffins shared by kjnits, I got some satisfactory results. The texture and flavor of these just crushes anything from the grocery store.

The OP, kjnits, was absolutely right to hold off on the last 3/4 cup of flour for a moist and tender crumb. Besides that, I only modified by a) feeding my cold, 60% hydrated starter to 100% hydration and letting it sit for ~8 hours prior to overnight fermentation, and b) preheating a griddle in the oven for 20 minutes before stovetop "baking". And I used cornmeal instead of semolina (haven't bothered to purchase the latter yet).

If you love English muffins and have extra levain to experiment with, give that recipe a go!


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I baked the same thing using the same recipe today too. It's a good one, for sure. :)

Welcome to the site!

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I make these fairly regularly and often change up the ingredients a bit - from subbing in whole flours for up to a third, to adding toasted, chopped nuts, dried fruits or Chia or Flaxseed... Always good.


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For sure I'll be experimenting more now that I've got the basic recipe. You have some beautiful bakes on your blog--all creative and gorgeous!