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UK - Oven recommendations

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UK - Oven recommendations

Our cooker is on its last legs so I've been looking for a replacement. Does anyone have a cooker that meets the following criteria and that they would recommend for baking bread? I'm a home baker and make bread two or three times a week (more since the lockdown) so I don't need anything super fancy. I just want something reliable, that holds its temperature and won't break down every five minutes. 

  • Dimensions: 60cm W x 60cm D x 90cm H
  • Dual fuel - gas stove/electric oven
  • Double oven - separate grill/secondary oven
  • Stainless steel (or black at a push)
  • Gets up to 250C

Thank you!

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I think you better try on reading reviews and recommendation of different e commerce sites.

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They're not that helpful which is why I'm here. I want to hear recommendations from people who bake regularly :-)

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I'm on Spain, but I'm exactly doing the same research, so maybe we can share the info we find?


One option for me would be to buy two ovens, one dedicated to bread and the other one a very basic and inexpensive kitchen oven. I've checked Rofco ovens, which are great for steam injection, but are very expensive and are generally used for baking, which is pretty limiting considering the price. If anyone knows about a cheaper deck oven, I would appreciate it and consider it as an option.


In case I buy just one oven and forget about the deck ovens, I'd like it to have 2 features: 1. Steam injection. 2. Being able to program the cooking time

I've seen this one from Bosch which has both features: Bosch HSG636XS6