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Hello from Poland!

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Zygmunt Loter

Hello from Poland!

Hi there!
I'm from Poland and I'm learning baking bread. Up until now I was learning from my master typical polish bread styles, like 100% rye bread or lithuanian bread :) I think I got a glimpse of it and, from time to time, I just like to go with something more... wheat(y)? Or something, so I'm here to learn from you guys!

So guys I'm in your care!

Few of my breads up until now:
100% rye 

There are few types: first loaves are wheat-rye bread with potatoes, next wheat-rye with goat riccotta, and the last few are pure rye bread :) This boat is special, because it was baked in 150+ year old bread oven, over maple leaves

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I was supposed to be in Warszawa and Kraków for most of March but, for obvious reasons, we called off our trip.

Nice looking breads!

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Zygmunt Loter

It suprises us all...

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Can you share the recipes for any of them?


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Zygmunt Loter


Thanks a lot! 
For rye bread there won't be any problem - I only need to translate recipe from polish.  For the one with potatoes I barely remember recipe, you may need to correct amount of water. About the one with riccotta - I don't remember exact recipe for that one, I think I inspired from Hamelman recipe for bread with cottage cheese and then I adjust amount of water. 

Rye 100%
1 phase
10g starter
20g water
20g rye flour*
Mix it well together, starting with water & starter. Sprinkle with flour. Let it rest for 5-6 hour

2 phase
dough from phase 1
60g water
120g rye flour

Mix it well together, starting with water & starter. Sprinkle with flour. Let it rest for 8-10 hour

dough from phase 2
200g water
200g rye flour
Mix it well together, starting with water & starter. Sprinkle with flour. Let it rest for 3 - 3.5 hour
After that time, take  about 10g  for next starter.

dough from phase 3
130-150g water 
340g rye flour
20g salt
Mix well, let it rest for another 30-45 min, then form loaf. 
Put in basket, steam up.
Rising time: 90-120min (when cracks start appear on loaf) 
15min 230C (with steam)
15min 200C
30min 180C
30min 120c
After first hour you can take bread out of the oven, and pour boling water an it, then put it back to the oven. It will make crust shiny. 
*rye flour - I get best result with type 1400 ("podsitkowa") in Poland. it something beetwen bread and full grain. I sometimes mix this two flours to get similar result. 

Potato bread
1 phase

1000g buttermilk
500g rye full grain flour
15g fresh yest
30g milk

Let it rest for 12h.

everything from 1 phase
1kg bread flour (you can also use full grain) 
25g salt
200g mashed potatoes

Let it rise for 30m, then form loaf. I don't remember how long it should rise (I'm afraid it was one of the "as long it will take" recipes). Also, I don't remember times for baking, previous one should be fine.   Similar bread was made by one highlander farmer I get to know, and I was trying to recreate his recipe. He was baking big (2kg +) round loaf of it. It was wonderful!  


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These breads looks great and thanks for the receipes, any chance of taking a pictures of the oven and sharing the pictures.

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Zygmunt Loter

Unfortunately, I didn't get any at that time. I was baking there as a guest so I can't take them now. 
But I check the info - my bad - that oven was only 135 year old (I must have remembered incorrectly). It was  mobile military bread oven from Germany.