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Hello from Heather, happy to be here!

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Hello from Heather, happy to be here!

I am joining the Fresh Loaf expecting that I will have a lot more time to bake in the foreseeable future. I am a university student who cooks as a meditative activity. The act of cooking and baking is just a important to me as enjoying the end product. I study agriculture and am passionate about supporting local food producers, and recently this has come to include local grain growers and millers. Three years ago, I dipped my toes into sourdough bread and have since dived in. I focus on breads, but also make a mean banana loaf! I have kept things pretty simple, in part due to my lack of equipment, in part my lack of patience for very lengthy recipes, but am hoping to expand my baking horizons! Looking forward to sharing and learning! - Heather

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Hi. You’ll find a lot of helpful people here.

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Jeff in Trees


I started baking while in college, as well (about 50 years ago), and also consider it a "meditative activity" -- one that has served me well, in mind and stomach, ever since.  Lots of good folks and resources on this site.