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I need help choosing a good oven

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I need help choosing a good oven


As the title suggests, I am looking for a new oven.. my current oven (Glem Gas- stove/oven) has several problems, the oven door doesn't close properly and it doesn't heat to the desired temp (less than 160 C on dial to get 180/350 inside) and then it fluctuates ... the problem is I couldn't find any company to fix it, somehow the brand disappeared from our market and there are not spare parts...

So I want a better oven, for my self , I am a home baker, no business and I like to try a wide range of baking items, I was looking into countertop electric convection ovens like Unox (ANNA/ARIANNA), Venix T04, Piron Pf5004 , Tecnodom Nerone ,and then I read more on convection ovens (my oven has one fan) and I am hesitant whether its worth the splurge or not , or shall I buy a simple countertop toaster oven 100L like SHARP (130$)  which is way cheaper and may do the trick.. I have a budget of $800.


Thank you

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Welcome to TFL!  (I joined in Sep 2019.)

It would help your helpers to know what country you are in. 

Maybe put your country name at the beginning of the title, to catch the eye of your compatriots.  Just use "edit", no need to start another post.  Short and sweet like:  "BELIZE: need help choosing oven."

"Primary" (or whatever they are called) kitchen stove/ovens usually come in two standard widths.  So measure the outside width of your stove/oven, and that would help people.

Good luck.

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I have a countertop Unox, also called a Cadco, and it is pretty good, though it only works in convection mode.  If you want to do a lot of bread baking, IMO,  you would be better off with an oven that has a bottom element and can supply heat without a fan.  In general, a convection oven dries out the crust of the bread, and if it dries out too quickly, it can reduce oven spring.