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where to buy 50lb durum wheat berries locally in South bay area, California?

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where to buy 50lb durum wheat berries locally in South bay area, California?


Any place in South Bay Area or penninsula to buy bulk organic durum wheat berries?  I am aware of central milling in petaluma, but it's not possible to drive to Petaluma always.  For online orders, fedex shipping comes out high as we order 10 50LB bags (with friends ordering together).  Any local farmers co-op or any other alternatives to central milling?


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If you are fortunate enough to have an Azure drop location near you, this may work.

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A good option, Dan, thanks!

Looks like Azure is $1.42/lb for a 50lb sack of durum, whereas CM is about $1.04 shipped (from CM to Redwood City, so I assume the same for the South Bay where the OP is.)

OP, if you find somewhere local, or less expensive than CM with shipping, please post back here, I'd love to have a more accessible source.  In addition to that, I would love to connect with people who are like me and may not need 50lbs at a time, perhaps we can order and split (which it sounds like you do already.)

I don't mind swinging by Petaluma when I'm going to be in the neighborhood, but it's a bit of a haul for just a single purpose trip.


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Our Crumb

We'd be willing to join a bay area group Durum berries purchase (organic only please).  We're in 95033 (Santa Cruz Mountains) and down to a few grams after our last Approachable. 


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O.C.:  if you've  tried Kamut, do you think it's a good substitute for durum?