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Sesame loaf

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Sesame loaf


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Amazing crumb! Recipe?

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Sesame Sourdough :

Faux autolyse: 1 hr 20mins
Water 410g
ww starter @ 100% hydration - 62g
ww flour 100g
Whole Rye flour 40g
Whole einkorn flour 42g
Bread flour 390g*
* I like very chewy bread so I use all bf, all bf combine with tight shaping is how I get this kind of crumb, lots of small holes. You can also do half bf half ap, that combine with gentle shaping will get you a more tender more open crumb)

1. Mix all of the above together and let that sit in the oven with light on for 80mins

2. Toasted 80g sesame seeds of your choice, let cool for later use

2. After 80min, mix 13g salt in the dough, pinch the salt in throughly using extra water ( I used about 50g) to help dissolve the salt, if you're using all bf, slap and round the dough about 10 times in the bowl will totally strengthen it enough, if you're using half and half, a few extra mins s/f might be needed. The dough won't be completely smooth yet, but that's okay, let it rest for another 30 mins

3. After 30mins, you'll notice the dough had smoothed itself out already! Wet your work surface and your hands and scrape the dough out, make a letter fold, put it back in the bowl and rest for another 30mins.

4.After another 30mins, mix in your toasted sesame seeds, add a splash of water if dough is too stiff, rest 50mins

5. After 50mins> do a set of coil fold, repeat 2 more times so 3 set of coil folds total. Let dough rest for another 60mins

6. Shaping time, this should be just under 6 hours after mixing, shape tight( firm roll and tuck for the kind of crumb in the picture) pinch the side seems together, tighten up all 4 sides with dough scraper, place in banneton and that goes straight to the fridge for 16 hours

7.Bake at 500f 20mins covered or with steam> 30 mins at 450f uncovered or without steam.

Cool and enjoy! I hope you give it a try <3

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Wow is right, that is gorgeous, perfect crumb for a sesame bread.  Please share your recipe and methods.


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Thanks Ben! I posted the recipe .I hope you give it a try!

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Very nice inside out!