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Tip - Ankarsrum Mixing & Kneading

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Tip - Ankarsrum Mixing & Kneading

The tip below comes from Doc, aka Doc.Dough. It is ingenious, and as far as I know, there is no better way to incorporate ingredients for an autolyse or initial mix when using an Ankarsrum mixer. The second paragraph deals with the actual kneading of the dough.

Weigh the levain, water, and flour and put them into the mixing bowl.  Transfer the bowl to the mixer and install the scraper (only). Turn on the motor and set it to a low enough speed that you don't get flour flying all over (typically 2 or 3) for 30 sec or so (just until the flour is fully wet), then turn up the speed to 6 and mix (still with the scraper only) for the remainder of 1 minute.  Now remove the scraper, put the salt on top of the dough so you don't forget it and cover it with a shower cap or bowl cover.

Allow the dough to sit for a 20 min autolyse before the final mix at speed 6 (with both roller and scraper) for however long it takes to get a dough that has pulled itself off the side of the bowl and is almost totally smooth.  This may be 3 minutes (rarely and only with low hydration dough), to a more typical 6-7 minutes for a ~70% hydration dough and a fairly strong flour, to 12-18 minutes for a sloppy high hydration ciabatta or coccodrillo (80-100% hydration).

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Dear DanAyo,

I have an Ank since 10+ months, I am baking 1 or 2 loaves per week, and I have never tried this technic.

I will have a go.


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Great tip thanks.  

I've had my Ankarsrum (still have to look up spelling !!!) for about 3 years - love it !!! - About 3 months ago I broke the gear wheel on the beater attachment - couldn't find parts online, so i emailed nicely the guys in Sweden, they passed it onto a UK supplier who emailed me to confirm the part, which they sent out FREE to me !!!! 

I mainly make hearth breads torpedos with steam or Dutch Oven Boules, it handles 1500g of dough easily.

I autolyse by adding water with the roller, add flour and combine to shaggy mixture - Pop a tea-towel over the top and let it autolyse for 20 mins

Meanwhile I crush my rock salt in a mortar and always place in front of the dials !!!!! So I DON'T forget to add it later (easily done)

After 20 mins, I cut my levain into 10-12 pieces and add - start mixer on slow to combine then sprinkle the salt across

I agree the 60-80% hydration takes a while - Watch the dough, it is facinating to see the gluten develop as it pulls off the roller - about 15 mins + only with the roller.

I test for windopane regularly, but always mix until I get a smooth dough that windopanes

Yesterday's small SD loaf:

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Hi Dan, I am new to sourdough and just got my new Ankarsrum, reading and learning. 

Are the tips you posted below from Doc. Dough book or website? would you post the link where I can read more?

question about the tip below, the speed numbers, such as, "typically 2 or 3 for 30 sec" and "speed 6", are they referring to the clock position on the mixer? My version has no numbers on the knob.

Another question, one of the recipes I would like to try is multi-seed sourdough bread that added pumpkin, sesame seeds, etc, should I add the seeds with the flour or after autolyse is completed? thanks

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Dan, after I posted the above questions, I came across the Community Bake - Hamelman's Five-Grain Levain posts. Have you tried that recipe using the Ankarsrum mixer? When should I add the soakers if I use this mixing method? or any stage using Ankarsrum? As in, add in with the flour mixture before autolyse? or add the seeds at the end?