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Baked ciabatta and can’t find my older post ?

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Baked ciabatta and can’t find my older post ?

I’m new here and I posted some questions about a week ago and totally forget about it. Now I am having trouble finding that post. To anyone who may have replied I hope you’ll forgive me. I’m still learning how to operate this site from a cell phone. I’m gonna dig for the post now. 

Anyway, I’ve only been baking breads for over a month now and I’ve already dove in and made ciabatta. The wife and 19 year old son loved it. I baked two loaves. And can you believe we kneaded it by hand? We started off with a wooden spoon, my wife and I took turns. It was 86% hydration I believe. Oh my goodness I definitely see now why I need a kitchen aid lol.

I wasn’t too concerned on the shaping them too fancy looking. I actually enjoy the look of this one. I didn’t even take a picture of the second one. I babied it a little more but it didn’t look quite as rustic haha. The outside was just the right crispness and the inside soft and chewy. They had a more rustic look with the flour on the outside - that was until I decided I wanted to rub some melted butter all over the outside. I’m still learning to love these types of breads, I’m an enriched bread fan myself ??❤️

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Chris, here is how you can find your post. Click your user icon (CallMePops) next to one of your post. It will take you to your user’s page. Once there click on the tab called, “Track”. All of your post will be listed.

Very nice Chibby...


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Your ciabatta looks like it turned out perfectly. I'd love to give it a try!