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KitchenAid Model G

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KitchenAid Model G

Hey, 1st/1st!

Looking forward to checking out some easy recipes for a decent pumpernickel and/or Caraway rye, and who knows?

At  the moment, I'm learning my way around a newer KitchenAid, because my heritage model G, from my grandmother broke, literally!

The case around the attachment power shaft shattered.

I am sure there's good parts on it, if anyone knows a restorer, I would donate this to the cause.

My family made a lot of bread, rolls, and cookies with this unit; hate to take it to scrap if there's a testify in MN,WI,IA who might be interested...just trying to network a bit.

Not looking for any money, I could pull off parts, but pretty sure motor is good (although it did spend 3 winter's in the garage, after...)


Have a good one!