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Can you bring the bread?

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Can you bring the bread?

Can you bring some bread for our old friends gathering?  Sure can, so this is what i put together  i chose to do 20% wholemeal breads,  some sticks using fresh compressed yeast with butter and an egg in the mix . After hand mixing the dough was split into two one half getting an addition of chopped apricots and soaked fennel seeds the other half getting white sesame and dark malted whole barley grains.  i had made a sourdough loaf the day before and that was cold retarded overnight in the fridge this was straight mixed and 4 hour bulk fermented no stretch and folds,  1 hour after shaping on the bench in its banneton then o/n in the fridge, it followed the sticks into the oven it was baked in a dutch oven.  im sure the folks are going to be happy with these!



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Great looking bake Derek!  By now they are eaten and gone I imagine, so you already know they were well received.  Beautiful scoring, especially on the sticks, but the round looks great too.  You scored the round pretty deeply, but the dough had to have been perfect since it bloomed nicely without losing the definition.  I'd wager they tasted better than they looked too.  You keep taking them bread like that and they will continue asking you for it!

I thought you might be back at school, in their WFO, but you used a dutch oven, so you must have been at home eh?


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Great job.  Your friends must have enjoyed them.

Happy Baking!