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Tube for mixing and proofing

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Tube for mixing and proofing


New here and about to start my bread baking journey. Did some baking in the past, but want to try the Dutch oven method.

I got Ken Forkish's book. He mentiones a specific food tube he likes for mixing and proofing dough for two breads. I like to do something similar, but the one he mentions is impossible to find in The Netherlands and importing makes it out of prioportional expensive. So I am wondering what others are using? Hopefully something simple and effective... and easy to find :-)



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Hi Marcello, I think you meant to write tub. Many restaurants use a small rectangular plastic tub to clean the tables after the patrons are finished eating. 

A stainless steel (or for that matter any material) mixing bowl will do. Really most anything that is large enough and can be covered to keep the moisture in will do fine.

These are commonly used and work well. Also covers can be purchased to fit them.

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Hi, I found these on

You may also want to search for the german equivalent of plastic bucket.

Is there a commercial kitchen supply near to you? They should have a wide selection of suitable tubs and/or buckets.