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Bread tin size?

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Bread tin size?

Is anyone able to tell me what size loaf, this tin this is designed to hold? It is about 25cm long by 12cm wide by 10cm high. I was told it was a 2lb tin, but it’s slightly bigger than other 2lb tins I have found on line. 

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Yes, it's a 2lb Pullman tin,  If used with the lid.  If used withouth the lid you can put more dough.

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I am not making fun, I love the use of the word tin having lived in Wales in 1980 and 1981 so I am assuming without proof that you are from the UK.  You have long made loafs of bread that are taller than what is common in the USA.  I see no reason this would not work for a 2 pound or even a 1 Kg loaf of bread.  From dough weight to finished weight you will lose about 15 % during the bake.  Just give a try.

As to the word tin, when we lived in Wales our 5 year old daughter came home from school one day and told her mother that she need a tin of fruit for a food drive at school.  My wife say a "what"? A tin said Christine, a what her mother said?  You know a "caan"  or how ever you say can with a long "a".  Then Carol understood what she wanted.  I worked as an engineer at an "aluminium" plant - aluminum in the USA. 

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about pan sizes can be found here.  It will give you an idea of pan size and corresponding dough weight.  Be sure to read the full thread.

If the bottom and top of your pan are the same size, I'd agree with suave's identification of the pan as a Pullman pan.

If the top of your pan is larger than the bottom of the pan because the sides slope outward somewhat, then it's a typical loaf pan; albeit a large one.


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Just to comment again, this is a tall pan, typical of what you used to find in the UK.  If you watch enough British TV, which I love, you will see bread that is very tall in various series "Endeavour" is one that comes to mind.  I don't think it is a Pullman pan missing its top, but there were Pullman railroad cars in the UK until the early 60's.  The name Pullman pan does come from it use by the Pullman Company but the actual design predates the Pullman Company

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Yes it is a 2lb tin and I have one with very similar dimensions.

What I wrote here (TFL://comment/439357#comment-439357) is worth a read for those interested.

800g white loaf: I have baked. (my blog)

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That's a nice loaf


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Sure is!