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Walnut and date sourdough round 2, more feedback?

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Walnut and date sourdough round 2, more feedback?

Changes compared to round 1

1. Accidentally made the hydration way too high.
2. Add-ins were ~29% total flour weight compared to ~38% last time. Didn’t soak the nuts and dates beforehand though, and forgot to toast the walnuts
3. Baked for much longer and at a lower temperature, seems like I could have still baked for even longer
4. Let the starter grow for 3 hours instead of 1.5 hours, rise of the dough was much better this time

Things I might change

1. Bulk ferment was still relatively short at 2.5 hours, I had to go to bed. Would try 4-5 hour bulk ferment next time.
2. Was it under or over-proofed? I’m not sure anymore, see video below.
3. Would bake for even longer


Starter 150 g (100% hydration)
AP flour 300 g (total flour weight 525 g)
Whole wheat flour 150 g
Water 364 g (84% hydration)
Salt 12 g

80 g chopped walnuts (forgot to toast)
70 g dates

1. Feed starter (70g starter fed 30g AP flour, 10g whole wheat flour, 40g water)
2. Mix flour and water and autolyse for 3 hrs
3. Dimple starter into dough and gently fold to incorporate
4. Add walnuts and dates
5. 4 rounds s&f in 20 minute intervals, total 2.5 hour bulk ferment
6. 20-hour cold ferment
7. 1 last S&F to help release dough from the bowl, divide into two, tightly shape then bench rest for 1 hr
8. Shape, 30-minute final proof on floured baking paper
9. Score, spritz with water
10. Bake at 480 F covered with steam for 15 mins
11. Uncover, remove steak and bake with convection at 450 F for 20 mins, 400 F for 15 with foil, last 5 minutes with the bread upside-down



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Looks great. How does it taste?

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The flavor of the crust is beautifully complex, the crumb dense and not very elastic, tastes good though!

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I have walnut date loaves retarding in the fridge. Baking them tomorrow morning. Your method is quite different than mine. I hope that they turn out as nice as yours! 

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Your bread looks great, I'm definitely going to try this again.