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Okay, I’ll admit that I do

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Okay, I’ll admit that I do

Have a certain look to my loaves. ?

I was using MacGourmet to keep my recipes, but a year ago, the sync between my laptop and my phone stopped working. Mariner software said it was an issue with Amazon and its cloud. When Amazon didn’t seem to be interested in fixing it, Mariner decided to come up with their own solution. Well it’s been more than a year and I am done with them.

I downloaded Paprika over the weekend and it’s perfect for my needs. Super easy to cut and paste recipes into it and to set up categories. I was able to import most of my recipes from MacGourmet as well. And it syncs automatically! Win win in my book!

So that’s the screen shot of the app in my phone. Yep! I can see why people think I use the same picts over and over! Lol. They sure look similar.  

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IMO, consistency is the mark of an exceptional baker. When I think of consistency, you and Alan are the first to come to mind.


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Danni you obviously have your methods and understanding of dough down pat, something for the rest of us to aim for.


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Keep trying and hopefully, one day, you'll get the hang of it..

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duplicating the photos and pass them off as new bakes - just as I do ;-) .

Yeah, been meaning to comment on this, and I agree with Dan that at least we two have achieved some consistency in looks, pretty much regardless of what type of bread we bake.  I'm certain there are a host of others amongst the TFL crowd who share that same joy.