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Any tips on yeast roll crust?

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Any tips on yeast roll crust?

I've been searching for years to figure out a way to make airy, light yeast rolls with a very thin crust. No matter what I try, I always end up with regular bread. The rolls should be lightly tan in color when baked, have a slight chew; a melt in your mouth feel, with a paper thin soft crust.

If you've ever had rolls from Golden Corral, Ryan's, Logans Roadhouse, or Quincy's, that is what I am attempting.

Otherwise, it's similar in texture to a hot Krispy Kreme doughnut....but a yeast roll. 

At this point, I'll settle for the name of any of their foodservice delivery companies; in order to buy whatever mix they use. I am desperate. I need these rolls! Thanks y'all!

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These rolls are usually made from a brioche-type dough, a very enriched dough. So it has lots of fat in the form of milk and butter (sometimes egg yolk too), which tenderizes the dough and gives it this heavenly, fluffy, chewy texture. That and yeast. 
Of course those rolls from said companies or the supermarket happen to contain plenty of dough conditioners, so keep that in mind.

With recipes like thisthis or this, you should achieve great results. Try to stay away from recipes with milk powder, egg powder etc.