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free brick ovens!!!

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Steven Raab

free brick ovens!!!

There is a former pizza shop that has 2 large stone and brick ovens that are up for grabs. These are FREE. Coal heated. Guessing that wood would work as well.

Not sure if it is practical to disassemble and reassemble these ovens. Someone with experience could answer that question. I'm guessing that the footprint of these ovens is 25' x 30'. 

I would love to bake on these ovens myself. No room in my current shop. Could be a wonderful project for someone.

I'm just spreading the word. Current building is scheduled to be demolished in the future.



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Even if the 25'x30' measures both ovens together, those are humongous!

The max width on a semi-trailer without a special permit is 8.5' 

Uh, wait... did you mean 25" x 30" ?

And what city, please?