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Anyone own a Gopan Rice Bread Machine?

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Anyone own a Gopan Rice Bread Machine?

Hello! I have been thinking about getting a Gopan Rice Bread Machine! I was introduced to this machine in a Japanology documentary, and I loved the idea of it. My interested got renewed by a YouTube user named Bread.Dish who has been using the machine and posting lovely recipes recently. I love that you can put rice in the bread machine and get bread! I really wish they would come out with one of these for English users, but the instructions and top  of the machine are all in Japanese! Has anyone been able to translate the top of the machine and the instructions and willing to share? Thank you!

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I have a bread man.makes a lovely horizontal loaf ,although I basically use it to mix dough.I shape loves by hand or use a bread pan.You get a much nicer loaf.

i noticed there is no warranty on the machine you are looking at. I bought a mixer from Japan on amazon and ca not get a broken part fixed