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Where to find wheat berries in MD/VA/PA/WV area

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Where to find wheat berries in MD/VA/PA/WV area

Morning! I live in DC and am hoping to find a wheat producer in driving distance. Primarily interested in hard red and white, spelt, rye, or something new and interesting! The shipping costs in grain quantities over 5# are nuts, so I'd like to just pick up myself. Plus it would be lovely to know exactly where my brain is coming from. Thanks.

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Not sure if you have ever been to Seylou bakery, but it is a terrific DC bakery that mills all of its grains in-house and all grains are from the area. These are some of their sources:


Next Step Produce, MD

Heritage Acres, PA



Moon Valley Farms, MD

Pecan Meadows, PA

Red Tail Farms, NC

Earth N' Eats, PA


Compass Winds, VA

Greater Richmond Grains, VA

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I know of three sources, happy to learn about more!

1. Mom's Organics, last at $1.50 a lb for hard red.

2. Migrash Farms, at various farmers markets. Currently not selling though.

3. Azure Standard - you order ahead and meet the truck at a given time and place, in Bailey's Crossroads.