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The most difficult bread in the world?

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The most difficult bread in the world?


I am looking for a recipe for this kind of bread:

In the video this guy is trying to make Turkish flatbread but he failes. He failed like everyone else in internet.
There are plenty of recipes in internet but none of them are even close to that bread presented in the video.
Is that so difficult to make?
I have been reading many advices by others: high hydration, less kneading to get big holes, long proofing, strong flour.
Advides might be right but it doesn't help. 
What kind of flour? Bleached? It seems very white. There are 100 different kind of flours in the world with various protein content and W-number.
High hydration? 70%? 80%? But we have to remember that the bread is very light in weight after baking...
Use bread improvers! There are 20 different improvers, tell me which one is right...
Baked on stone? or pan? 
I have been looking for the recipe all over the internet in English, German, turkish and no answer yet.
How could this be so difficult?
Thanks for help!

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Barbari bread from Iran.  Scroll a little way down in the thread for an incredibly detailed description of the recipe and the process. 

You may also want to use the Search tool to look for peda or pida bread.


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Thank you,
I read the whole article and did search in this forum.
There are similar breads but nothing like I was looking for.
Same but different.

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This lady teaches how to get an open fluffy crumb:

It centers around high hydration, two separate (and kind of long) rising periods (1=bulk ferment, 2=final proof), and certain handling procedures during the first rising period, and a procedure to handle the dough between the two rising periods.

Perhaps you could apply her system to the doner bread so it comes out with the desired crumb.  If you are able to create a formula that results in good doner bread, please share!

Bon chance, amigo.