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Irritating ads at bottom of every page

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Irritating ads at bottom of every page

I guess this post is to the administrators. I  have no idea where else to post this, or if I should even bother writing it. I have not been on the forum for a while, and I have noticed a new ad now appears at the bottom of every page that blocks the icons that allow you to go to the next page. And it is one of these shady ad formats that puts the X to close it way off to the side, trying to force people to read the ad as they look for the X to get rid of it. Am I the only one to find this incredibly irritating? Once in a while would maybe be tolerable, but every single web page? And in a way that forces you to close the ad to advance to the next page, only to have to do it all over again?
I can spend hours and hours reading on this forum. But tonight after about 15 minutes I was so fed up that I stopped reading to write this. I doubt I will be doing as much reading here as I did in the past with this "fingernails on a chalkboard' way of advertising. Whoever sells these ads - please reconsider this obnoxious way of delivering them. Thanks and happy baking.


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I agree. I've found the site has much to many ads for my liking over the past while. I'd pay a nominal annual subscription fee to have an ad free site.

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I agree, the ads on the right in the column are OK. Please see if you can keep them out of the screen working area.

I have deleted then many times, and I never read them.

Thank you Headdown, I have thought about posting, but never got around to it.


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I use uBlock Origin. There are others. I never see ads on this site or any other.