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Unfed 3 Week Starter

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Unfed 3 Week Starter

I used 3 week old Sourdough starter,  unfed and refrigerated for 1 week to Italian Bread Formula. 

Starter               .61 lbs.   Flour 18%. Water 28%

Bread Flour     1.44 lbs.                   82%

Water.                .83 lbs.                    36%

Instant Yeast.    .25 oz.   1 1/2 tsp.     .9%

Salt                   .50 oz.                         2%

Sugar                .13 oz.                           .5%

Dissolve starter in Water

Add remainder of ingredients.

Mix 5 min at medium speed (Speed 3 on my Cuisinart 7qt mixer)

Mix 5 minutes at speed 4

2 hr ferment @ 77deg with 2 folds

Shape and retard for 2-3 hrs,

Room temp for approx 1 hour.

Bake with steam on Baking Steel @ 450 deg. Time will vary depending on loaf size.



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Mini Oven

Can't read the recipe but the bread looks great.  :)

Hope it tastes as good as it looks!

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Hi Mini Oven,

I made some adjustments and clarifications.

Let me know what you are unclear about.