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Hey @floydm re: new annoying black-screen ad

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Hey @floydm re: new annoying black-screen ad

Suddenly tonight I am seeing a new “advertisement” on any page I stay on for a while, then try to scroll up.  It is a solid black screen with a small white banner at the top that says “advertisement”.  The body of the screen says “Rotate your device to ...” and shows a white circle-arrow symbol in the center.  I know better than to follow that advice...

I’ve seen this before on other sites.  It’s decidedly unfriendly elsewhere.  Can’t say how nasty it is here, as I’ve not yet allowed it to take over.  So far.  Elsewhere it is quite hard to eradicate once it gets possession of a screen.  Even closing down the browser and starting over does not make for effective escape.

Thought you should know about it, and hope you can block it.


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I just started getting it also. I had the problem a while ago, but it is back.

Here is a screen grab of the problem.