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nutrimill artiste vs KA classic for smaller batches of batters

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nutrimill artiste vs KA classic for smaller batches of batters

i have a bosch compact i use for bread dough, and since i usually make 1 loaf at a time, i'm quite happy with it after a year and a half.  what i'm NOT happy with is the beater whisk (or is it called a whisk beater?)  whatever it's called, i'm not happy with what it does with cake batter, pancake batter and lighter cookies.  for heavy cookies, i use the dough hook.

i have a current budget of $200 plus tax and a preference toward buying new, i've ruled out a lot of mixers thus far. these are two that seem to have potential.

the nutrimill artiste

it seems very cool.  it's light weight, not too large, and you can use every bosch universal plus attachment, including those made by l'chef, and there's a lot of them.  my two concerns are these - it's pretty new, so no reports of how it does in the long run plus fewer reviews than mixers like the universal compact and just about every kitchenaid made.  and how does it do with smaller amounts?  i usually make only 1 or 2 cake layers at a time or 1 batch of meringues.

the kitchenaid classic

smaller footprint.  i won't be using it for breads of doughs - i can use my compact for those.  it will only be for batters and maybe meringues.  decent, although not steller, support if needed.  being a smaller mixer, i would imagine it can do smaller amounts.  anyone confirm this?

the kitchenaid artiste seems to have a few more problems than the classic, but maybe i'm wrong.  there are a couple colors that are close enough to my budget, so if anyone here likes this one for cakes and softer cookie dough, please let me know.

and i'm open to other new mixers for mostly cake batters and things like that within my currently limited budget.

any input definitely appreciated :)



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Not to talk you out of another mixer, but you do 3 attachments for the Bosch right - the dough hook, another one with a few wires, and another one that looks like a whisk?  The one that looks like a whisk is for egg whites and cream,   and does a great job for me.  I don't make cakes much, but the few times I did, the middle one worked okay.   I haven't used the Artiste or seen it in person, but I think you will be fine with either of those for cake batters.   

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works great for meringues and whipped cream. the dough hook works great. 

the batter whisk - the one with just a few wires - is what you're supposed to use for cakes and cookies like a standard beater.  i didn't find it worked well at all - for my cakes, which are spelt (which might make a difference) , i'm mixing and beating them by hand.  it also took extra time to mix the cookies so everything was fully incorporated, and as a result the butter got warmer and started separating.  and using the regular whisk for cake puts too much air in the batter.


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The Nutrimill Artiste is really a very good mixer! It excels really well with making dough for breads, rolls & other things. It remains unbeatable for making cake batters,  quick breads & cookies.

The first time that I used it, I was really amazed with it's performance! The work bowl is no slouch either. Holding up to just over 6 qts, makes it ideal for making mounds of cookie dough & other stuff. The powerful 650-watt motor handles it all, plowing right through it as though it's not even there!!

It works just like the Bosch Universal, but on a slightly smaller scale. You will not be disappointed at all!! Don't let it's light weight fool you! Mixers, these days, don't have to be heavy to do their jobs well. That's the beauty of the Nutrimill! Artiste Mixer, Also, it stores easily into a compact space, making it a dream to use & store.

It's the perfect machine for people that don't want to carry a heavy machine around from place to place!!