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Rofco Ovens Baking Space Height

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Rofco Ovens Baking Space Height


We are wanting to invest in an oven for baking at home. My current oven has only 6.9 inches between top of shelf and heating element. We are making sandwich loafs in  1lb  tins and they are almost touching the element , and if I put foil over them they both reduce oven spring and end up pushed against the element. I dread to think what would happen with a 2 lb tin. Trouble is we want to start supplying our church's homeless charity/street cafe with bread once or twice a week. We already bake for both ourselves, and parents, and sister's family. My daughter is interested in developing proper baking skills and starting a microbakery in a few years. She is home educated and we are baking everyday. 
So it makes sense to me to invest in a proper baking oven rather than a larger domestic oven, when the two we have are large enough for everyday cooking.

I was unsure whether to buy the B10 for now and upgrade to the B40 later . I am aware of the internal dimensions, width and depth, but cannot find the height of the baking spaces ( stone to heating element) . I have read that the B40 has taller decks and one person suggested that the others are only 6 " in height , is this correct as that seems awfully low. ? I would not be much better off than now if so.

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You'll love the Rofco - whichever model you end up with :) 

I have the B40 and although I don't know the dimensions off the top of the head, I do believe that the heating elements are contained within the shelf that the stone is on (relying on my memory here). In the B40, which has the 3 shelves, I bake four 1.5 lb loaves (either boules or batards) on each shelf and I have never had a problem with the loaves getting too close to the top. 

I'm a market baker and bake typically 80-100 loaves in a day once or twice a week with this oven and LOVE it. So much better than my old Kenmore - faster and much more reliable.