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Amateur baker looking for a school program

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Amateur baker looking for a school program

I am an amateur home baker (bread, pies, pastries)--I'd like to take my baking to the next level. I'm looking for short course (ie I can't be gone for seven months, but maybe one month), pretty serious baking programs (i.e. not a vacation class, but more serious), and I am open to going abroad (I lived in France in college and wouldn't mind going back to rejuvenate my language skills at the same time). 

Suggestions? Has anyone done this? What has been your experience? Recommendations? 



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The offerings at SFBI may suit your needs.  They offer many classes and workshops with several different focuses on baking, from sourdough to viennoiseries.  They are in South San Francisco, near the SF International Airport.  You can find information on their offerings for the balance of this year at:  San Francisco Baking Institute - Course Info  Many here on TFL have taken courses and workshops at SFBI over the years.  A search for SFBI here will yield a lot of feedback information.

Good luck in your search


Disclaimer:  I have no connection to SFBI