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Recent popup here-who is it from?

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Recent popup here-who is it from?

"Control the collection and use of your personal data"

This is a popup I get only on this site and it is persistent on every window of TFL I open. If I click on any of the informational buttons, it gives me info on the partner sites collecting data but then thanks me for accepting the cookies and disappears. It does not say who is asking for this permission. Is it Google?? Is it TFL??

FloydM - is this something from you?

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I am getting the same. What should we choose for maximum security and how will that choice affect us?

It doesn’t pop up all of the time. If I or anyone else gets this pop up, it might be helpful to take a screen grab and send it to Floyd or post it here.

Thanks for posting that Clazar.

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Seems to be a third party ad from Gourmet Ad's.  Floyd helps pay for the site by having ads, but sometimes they can be misleading or even aggressive.  I would recommend deleting any of those cookies as they are usually just used to track what sites you visit and send you targeted advertisements.  And ignore any further pop-ups.

EDIT: I should add that it's not Floyd's fault.  The ad servers sometimes get clients that don't exactly follow the rules.  Best we can do is alert Floyd to the issue and hopefully he can tweak a setting somewhere.


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 POPUP TFL 102019




Sorry if this is huge-a screen grab.

Floyd,is this something in your settings? Can it be toned down? TFL is the only page it occurs on. I have Latest Firefox and Win10. My popup blocking is at highest setting but it doesn't seem to phase this. If I "Disallow all" in the popup's settings, it goes away for a day and then returns and asks again. It pops up every time I open a post. Really annoying.


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Yeah, I believe it is coming from Gourmet Ads. I think they are trying to comply with privacy laws ... somewhere (not in North America) that require you to request permission and/or disclose information about cookies and any personal information you collect.

I saw it a week or two ago. I went ahead and clicked it with whatever preference I wanted. I haven't seen it since.

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I did click it as "disallow all" and it went away for 1 day. I will try it again and see what happens.

Thank you for checking for me.

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I am getting this, too. However, I have also set my browser to disallow all 3rd party cookies and to delete all cookies when I close it.  Presumably, the settings that turn off this pop-up are in a cookie for TFL.  You should check your browser settings.