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Top five most useful pieces of kitchen equipement

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Top five most useful pieces of kitchen equipement

I just wrote a short list of my five favorite pieces of kitchen equipement, the stuff I couldn't do without, here , anyone agree or disagree? Do you have anything to add to the list?

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Mini Oven

my water level, cordless screwdriver, power drill, wire stripper, and the pair of burly guys that are doing all the lifting and muscle work.  :)

Mini O

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If push came to shove, I could make bread (must have ingredients, of course) with only a tabletop, an oven with a rack, and something to bake the bread on or in (stone or loaf pan).  Very helpful would be a spatula or a dough scraper, and something to cover the dough to keep it from drying out.  A sink with running water is also very useful.  Also something to wipe hands on, though jeans could serve that purpose.


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The enamel-topped table that I use for everything in the kitchen, the spirtle I use for mixing  all my breads, scales that measure in oz. and metric, KitchenAid standing mixer since breaking my shoulder, and my mother's rolling pin.

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Since I have learned to use a digital scale and metrics, everything is easier. Baking has become a concept.

Yes the Parchment paper is a great tool.

Plastic dough scraper. Straight edge on one side and curved on the other.

Steel scraper/bench knife. 

Plastic shopping bags. I use these for quickly covering everything from small bowls to sheet pans.

Cheap SS bowls and Tablespoons (soup spoons) for mixing.

One beater from a hand mixer. This is the best tool to mix water into starter and froth it up to increase oxygen and activity. Try it, it's amazing.


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Mike Avery

As a baker, I don't really need a good chef's knife.  As a cook I do, but this IS The Fresh Loaf.


As a baker, the most useful tools to me are:

A good set of scales, digital, reads metric and pounds, accurate enough and able to handle full batches.


An oven thermometer - thermostats are all too often off.


A chef's thermometer to keep dough temperatures where they should be, and to tell when my bread is baked.


A good peel.


Baking stones.


Of course, I do need mixing bowls, an oven, a place to cool the bread, a place to proof the bread... but  the stuff above helps a baker make a quantum leap in consistency and quality.




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I agree. And also good size mixing bowls - pref with lids - little bowls for starters - MUST have lids , that plastic mixing thing like a large flexible credit card, and my flour mill - LOVE fresh milled grain! Then - a good recipe. My five essentials.



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Forgot to mention my bannetons - forget the little bowls - I can improvise!!