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Looking to buy wheat berries in the Grand Prairie Alberta area

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Looking to buy wheat berries in the Grand Prairie Alberta area

Hi everyone,

I am looking to mill my own flour from all types of wheat berries. I would like to find someone close to the Grand Prairie or even Edmonton area.


Thank you in advance. 



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No help in Grand Prairie, but I found my source in Denver, CO through a google search.

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These sellers are not in Edmonton, but they may have re-sellers near you.

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in Saskatchewan. I am sure the shipping will be a lot cheaper for you than it is for me in Ontario. 

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D: Check out   They have hard red winter, hard red spring (Bronze Chief), hard white spring (Prairie Gold), and Kamut. Plus whole oats, whole buckwheat, maybe whole rye.

I don't know if they can ship to .ca, but if you or friends ever travel to that part of Michigan, they have a storefront.  

Open Sundays, closed Saturdays, as they are Seventh Day Adventists. Takes credit card.

If you have friends who home mill, a combined order with road trip may be in order.


Also, if you are in drivng distance of Shipshewana Indiana, visit E& S Sales there, a baker's paradise!  American cash only. No credit card, no debit card. They're Amish. Canadian checks may be a problem.  See their reviews.