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if you speak the language it is better I'm sure.

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if you speak the language it is better I'm sure.

Love these real artisan baking videos.  If the bread was 4# and tastes as good as Poilane's then he cold sell it for 9.6 Euros in Paris and $50 in Phoenix:-)


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Dab, that was very relaxing to watch. The video had an old world calming affect. A bare footed baker working in a natural environment.

You could tell, this was not his first rodeo.

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Thank you for the link! I really enjoyed his commentary. 

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If I understand correctly, he dissolved sea salt in the water, adding to the flour first, and then add the levain. No autolysis, right?

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he used. He filtered the water to make sure no impurities from the sea salt made it into the bread. The sea salt is hand made in the Guerande region. 

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to watch. It's my dream to live like that and not wear shoes. Thanks for posting this. Did you know that you can go to his farm in Brittany and take a course? If I manage to join one, I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again!