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My Bread & Pizza library. Kindle and hard copy.

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My Bread & Pizza library. Kindle and hard copy.

As a bargain hunter, I'm thankful for the daily email from that gives a heads-up on Kindle discount bargains.  It's worth spending $.99 to $4.99 just to see if I really want to spend more on a hard-copy.  Dittos to those who say using an ebook in the actual kitchen is too awkward/difficult.

Sometimes, I love the book so much, I then buy a hard-copy, usually on Amazon's used marketplace.

Here's what I have on Kindle (I use the app on an ipad, not a dedicated Kindle device) with price paid. Price includes s/h for hard copies, but not sales tax. All Kindle editions were purchased on Amazon, naturally. Unless noted otherwise, hard copies were purchased on Amazon; and all were from the used marketplace, if I remember correctly,

For my hardcopy-only list, see

For a list sorted by author, with links to author pages:

The price at the beginning of each entry was the Kindle price. 

Ebook and ebook/hardcopy combos:


(In order of preference, most favorite first.)

$2.99, Tartine No. 3, by Robertson. Loved it so much, I then bought the hard copy. The photography of the two Robertson books is the best of my whole library. A thick book.  You could buy these just for display on your coffee table.

$2.99, Whole Grain Breads, by Reinhart.  I had previously purchased the hard copy , $13.49 used. I'm mainly a whole-grain (at least 80%) baker, so these first two are my main ones.

$2.99, The Bread Baker's Apprentice, 15th anniv. ed., by Reinhart.  So good that I bought the orignal ed. hard copy, $12.34/used. (I'm too cheap to buy the new edition in hard-copy. Waiting for used  price to go down.)  An easier read, and better tutorial than Robertson's books.

$2.99, Tartine Bread, by Robertson. Was so impressed, I bought the hard copy.  This and the other Robertson book have the best photography. A thick book. Would impress on the coffee-table.

$2.99, Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast, by Forkish. Later bought a hard copy, $15.60 used/very-good. Wish it had 100% whole-grain. Only has a couple-three recipes of 50% or more whole-grain.  Note that in his later book, Elements of Pizza, he said to forget everything he wrote about pizza in this book.

$1.99, Crust and Crumb, by Reinhart. Previously purchased a used 2006 paperback @ $6.47, and a used 1998 hard-cover @ $8.05.  Good explanation of barm versus biga versus poolish. There are enough recipes and subjects in this book that are not covered by Bread Baker's Apprentice, that make it a worthwhile buy in addtion to BBA. So get both, especially if you are a fan of Reinhart's style.

$1.99, Artisan  Breads Every Day, by Reinhart.

$.99, Sourdough School, by Vanessa Kimbell.  Great tutorial on sourdough cultures.  Not so impressed by the recipes, because I'm mainly a whole-grain baker.  

$1.99, Classic Sourdoughs, Revised, by Ed Wood, (  Doesn't have any mostly whole-grain recipes. But excellent tutorial on sourdough. Has a lot of foreign/ethnic recipes, so buy it for that alone. See his web site for 15 varieties of starter culture from all over the world, including Egypt, Bahrain, Yukon, Russia, Poland, France, and Italy.

$1.99, Breaking Bread, by Martin Philip, of King Arthur Flour. 

FREE, How to Bake: Art and Science of Baking, by Dennis Weaver. 485 pages. I'll post a review of this. Granted, he sort of uses this to promote his business, but GREAT info for the beginner. EVERY beginning baker, no matter what you bake, should have this free ebook. Not public domain, but free. Chapters on kinds of flour, why/how of eggs and oil, chemical versus yeast leaven, more.

$1.99, The Italian Baker, revised edition, by Carol Field.  Like it well enough that I bought a used original edition, for $6.03. Has 6 mostly whole-grain recipes.  Has a recipe for Altamura (durum) bread.

$2.99, The Bread Bible, by Rose Levy Beranbaum.  Bought it on her reputation. Haven't studied it much so far. But definitely a high-end quality book. Snap it up next time it's under $5, or if you see a cheap used hard copy .

$3.99 Poilâne: The Secrets of the World-Famous Bread Bakery by Apollonia Poilâne. I don't know if I'll get the hard copy, but this was a real bargain at $4 for the ebook. The online reviews are mixed because it does not reveal the bakery's actual bread formulas. The formulas are to approximate the Poilane bread in a home kitchen in a home oven. The "starter" formula begins with commercial dry yeast and yogurt, which apparently has offended some purists. But... it does eventually morph into a real sourdough if you keep maintaining it.

Update Sep 2, 2021: I bought a like-new "remaindered" hardcopy at Ollie's Bargain Outlet

$2.99, The Bread Bible, by Beth Hensperger.  I was turned off by total lack of photos and illustrations. But the info alone makes it worth the $2.99.  

$6.99, My No-Knead Cookbook: Updated to include new technique, from the kitchen of "Artisan Bread with Steve", by Steve Gamelin. I originally found him at (no final "e").  His method is with instant yeast, and is very K.I.S.S., but it's good enough to get started. Watch his videos first.

$3.99, Mastering Bread, by Marc Vetri.

$2.99, Josey Baker Bread, by Josey Baker.

$1.99, In Search of the Perfect Loaf, by Samuel Fromartz.

$____, Discovering Sourdough, 4 volumes, by Teresa Greenway.

$2.99, Inside the Jewish Bakery, Bagels and Bialys section, by Ginsberg and Berg.

$2.99, Inside the Jewish Bakery, Rye section.

$1.99, Secrets of a Jewish Baker, by George Greenstein.

$2.99, Sullivan Street Bakery, by Jim Lahey.

$____, Bread on the Table, by David Norman.

$.99, Crumb, by Richard Bertinet. See errata at:

$.99, Dough, by Richard Bertinet.  Didn't see any mostly-whole-grain recipes, but for the price, still a good deal. 

$.99, Crust, by Richard Bertinet.  Didn't see any mostly-whole-grain recipes, but for the price, still a good deal.

$1.99, Bread, Toast, Crumbs, by Alexandra Stafford. Didn't see any mostly-whole-grain recipes, but for the price, still a good deal.

$2.99, The Baking Bible, by Rose Levy Beranbaum. Bought it on her reputation. A high-end quality book. Has some bread recipes. Snap it up next time it's under $5, or if you see a cheap used hard copy .

FREE, The New Dr. Price Cookbook.  Mostly baking-powder leaven. Dated, but you can't beat free. If you do Kindle ebooks, get this. Public Domain.

FREE, Women's Institute Library of Cookery Volume 1: Essentials of Cookery; Cereals; Breads; Hot Breads. Extremely dated, but you can't beat free. "Women's Institute" is some kind of old-timey British thing. Public domain.


$1.99, The Pizza Bible, by Tony Gemignani. He's an 11-time world champion of pizza. Loved it so much I quickly bought a hard copy, $13.73/used.  THIS IS THE ONE, if you only buy ONE pizza book. He also touts baking steels over baking stones. Practical, and worthy to show off on the coffee-table.

$3.99, Mastering Pizza, by Marc Vetri.  Solid #2 on my pizza list. I will get a used hard copy when they come down in price.

$3.99, Elements of Pizza, by Forkish. I admire that he admits in this book that his pizza advice in FWSY was sub-standard. He actually says to ignore everything about pizza that he wrote in FWSY. Waitng for used prices to come down before buying a hard copy.

$1.99, American Pie, by Reinhart.  I am a fan of Reinhart, and had already bought the hard copy at $11.94/used, and wanted a "back-up" so I bought the Kindle when it went on sale. He does go into varies styles of dough: Neopolitan, Roman, New York, American, Sourdough, grilled, Chicago deep dish, Sardinian, Focaccia, and Greek Pita. Uses just AP flour and bread flour. Only a brief mention of Italian 00 flour and whole wheat. This book is good for the beginning and intermediate pizza maker.  But, eventually, if you're a pizza snob, or inveterate tinkerer, you'll move on to Gemignani and/or Vetri. 

$2.99, Perfect Pan Pizza, by Reinhart.

$3.99, Bianco, by Chris Bianco.

$____, Baking with Steel, by Andris Lagsdin.

 Note: The price at the beginning of each entry was the Kindle price.