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Chocolate Sourdough with Chestnuts and Chocolate Chips

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Chocolate Sourdough with Chestnuts and Chocolate Chips

After a not so successful chocolate loaf, I tried to copy the Full Proof baking recipe, but added chestnuts, doubled the chocolate chips, and replaced 30g of water with yeast water. I went the easy route and did just one dough, and not dough A&B as the recipe suggests.  

This loaf was 78% hydration, 90% bread flour, and 10% fresh ground wheat. 


Day 19:00 AMMix levain and let sit for 6-8 hours 
 3:40 PMAutolyse 1 hour  
 4:40 PMMix 4 min autolyse, levain, syrup 
 4:55 PMMix 4 min adding salt 
 5:25 PMStart Coil Fold on counter 
 5:55 PMLamination on counter adding chocolate and nuts 
  Coil fold 3x 30 min apart 
 9:05 PMPre-Shape loosely 
 9:15 PMshape & leave on counter for 15 min 
 9:30 PMInto fridge 
Day 28:30 AMSit on counter for 50 min while preheating 


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Ilene, that looks and sounds amazing, wonderful combination of flavours I bet.


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Thanks, Benny! It tastes good, but next time I'll add even more chocolate for sure!