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Recommendation for Books on Using Freshly Milled Flours

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Recommendation for Books on Using Freshly Milled Flours

Can someone recommend books for preparing/baking with freshly milled flours - has anyone looked over the new book "Flour Lab" by Adam Leonti ?

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Thom Leonard's The Bread Book

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I've been using Adam Leonti's new book, FLOUR LAB. It's more detailed than any other on home milling, but I still need more. He is good on choosing grains and says something I've never read before, that the percentage of protein in a flour is not as important as the starch content. He recommends using commercial yeast, in combination with wild yeast, when working with home milled flours, saying that wild yeast by itself is too unpredictable. I am in the midst of following his rye bread recipe, which does use 100% wild yeast. It calls for a preferment that is made with 1,000 g rye (half finely ground, half coarsely). The main dough is also 1,000 g rye. Sounds like a lot, particularly since he says to bake it in a Pullman tin (but doesn't say what size). I'm wondering if there's a misprint in the recipe. The bread section is short, but pasta and pastries is much longer, making you think that bread is not his strongest interest. Looking forward to more suggestions on in-depth books/web sites on home milling. I need more about how to calibrate, whether and when to sift, techniques for getting the best rise.