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Zojirushi vs Breville

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Zojirushi vs Breville

Hi everyone,

My 15 year old Cuisinart recently stopped working. I'm an intermediate bread maker and bake traditional loaves, but I loved its convenience when I was too busy for traditional bread making. I also really appreciated it in the summertime. I may have AC, but turning on the oven during a heat wave just seems wasteful!

What I didn't like about it was how rigid its menus are and the lack of replacement parts. I'd fix mine, but can't without any parts. It looks like a replacement is in order.

I've always heard great things about the Zojirushi and contemplated several models - I *think* I like the Supreme best. The Breville, however, costs a little less and has more features. The replacement parts are also a little cheaper.

One of the Breville features is a fold down paddle; honestly, I'm perplexed about the Zojirushi paddles. Do they stay in during baking? The cuisinart had an alert to remove its paddle, or I'd be left with a massive hole where the paddle remained. I don't see any mention about removing the paddle in the Zojirushi - does it stay in the entire time?