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Oven that can produce 60-80 Loaves of bread.

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Oven that can produce 60-80 Loaves of bread.

Hey guys, 


i am am in the early stages of opening a cafe with a small focus on bread and pastries. I am planning on getting a convection oven for the pastry/cakes/cookies, but am thinking I want some sort of deck oven for the bread. Right now I plan on making 20 loaves of bread for dinner service, 20-30 for lunch service ( sandwiches) and then another 20-30 for retail. What would you guys recommend for a set up? I am also thinking of doing them by hand, think that’s possible? The dinner bread would be 1 type. And then maybe 3 other types. 

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I currently do 60-70 loaves twice a week by hand for farmers markets, so what you want to do is possible. Depending on the rest of your daily load and schedule, you may find yourself wishing for a spiral mixer, though. I certainly do, from time to time. 

As for the oven, you have some choices in that range. The best choice for you is going to depend on what specifically you want to produce, what you have available (3 phase power? Gas?), and how much you want to spend, both on the oven and its installation. The cheapest option that would fit your current needs is probably the Haussler INO 2006 ( I currently have the two deck version, and it fits 20, 1kg loaves at a time pretty comfortably. It lacks plumbed steam injection, though, which is one of its main drawbacks. To get that, you have to step up to a something like a Polin (stratos), Miwe (condo), or WP (store), all of which are very capable, have a lot of great features, and I think are a bit more efficient. They are more costly (roughly 2x), but the oven is the heart of your bakery, so I'd spend as much as you can comfortably swing.