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Apples, Almonds & Oranges

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Anne-Marie B

Apples, Almonds & Oranges

The tastiest sourdough I have ever baked. And also the most aromatic. It is one of those recipes that you bake in an enamel cast iron casserole dish and it just did not rise as much as I hoped. It had to prove in the fridge for two hours before being tipped into the hot pot, but I went swimming and it spent at least double that time in the fridge. I am not sure it that may have affected the rise. It is the best tasting bread without a doubt.

The mix of applesauce, ground almonds and orange is a great flavour combination. The recipe also included raisins, but I felt it did not quite feel right with the other ingredients so I gave it a miss.  Orange flower water is very strong in terms of its perfume, so I settled for a half teaspoon and zested two oranges instead.  I think it turned out perfectly in terms of taste. I will make this one again and again. 

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Definitely going to make this asap. That looks wonderful !   So glad you posted. I'm not the only one who gets sidetracked LOL . I forget and am in the garden or at the gym and then I remember the BREAD !  c

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Anne-Marie B

Gardening is the worst culprit. I get inside after 6 hours or so and realise with dismay that I left a bread or starter on the counter :)

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and the aromatics have to fill the kitchen.  Very nice indeed!

Happy baking A-MB