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Tip - A great way to search AND an then the BEST way!

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Tip - A great way to search AND an then the BEST way!

Many agree that the search function on TheFreshLoaf is not the most efficient.

Some savvy users will use Google Search by entering the following in the address bar. swiss farmhouseThis is how that works. In the Google Search Bar start by entering “site:”. The enter the website you want to search, for example, “”. Then (and this is important) enter a space. Immediately after the space the word(s) or phrase that you want to search.

In this case the user is looking for all post where “swiss” or “farmhouse” or “swiss farmhouse” is used. If you wanted only replies with “swiss farmhouse” you would enter the phrase in quotes as shown. By-the-way, the text search is not case sensitive. That is the better way...

Here is the BEST way!

Enter that enter the Google Address Bar. Don’t forget the underscore ( “_”) in between the words advance and search.

Let me know that works for you and share your suggestions for improvement or make corrections where needed. If necessary, I will update the original post for the benefit of the reader.