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Moroccan Semolina Pillows

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Anne-Marie B

Moroccan Semolina Pillows

Our winter arrived very, very early and with a bang. Blizzard conditions in the alpine areas nearby and flash flooding and gale force winds at home. I packed a fire and spent the day baking. These came out of the oven first. A quick, one rise recipe. I took a few pictures immediately, because they are not going to last.

Recipe here:



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Abe (not verified)

Lovely crumb. Semolina bread toasted and dipped in olive oil is amazing. Highly recommended and hopefully will get through the miserable weather. 

Great bake as always. 

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And the site the recipe comes from looks great too..

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sweet crumb abd the crust has the=at unmistakable yellow tinge.  I bet they did go fast!

Very Nice Indeed A-MB