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A, B or C sourdough tests I’m at a loss...which is it?

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A, B or C sourdough tests I’m at a loss...which is it?

Have bulk retarded, shaped and baked 4 loaves 15 minutes apart. Left to right. Earliest to latest (30 minutes apart). Which is best? I go for middle one, B. Any advice or help or thoughts. Many thanks 

Please excuse shaping 

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Mini Oven

And how do you plan to eat it?      ...serious questions...      

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Not sure what you mean?  - just doing timings on bake after bulk retard in a fridge I’ve been given for dough. Left to right there’s a 30 minute difference:

left in oven. wait 15

middle in oven. wait 15

right in oven

as for eating they’re all fine. There was a ‘D’ as well but it was very soft going in and overproofed for sure. I’ll be selling breads.

these are simple testing breads:

90% white 10% wholewheat  @ 75% hydration with 22% levain (100% hydration) and 2% salt. 

the shaping was rubbish primarily due to trying out cotton liners which did my head in... 

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They look great, to me A looks best. Seems like C might have been over-fermented and collapsed a tad.


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I second this analysis.

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Higher profile.

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It’s a higher profile cause it’s a Boule and the other is a longer loaf..check out the bottom of A do you not think it’s a little under...definitely C is over 

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Lazy Loafer

The holes are more even in the crumb - indicates that the other ones had large amounts of gas trapped and expanding during their wait.

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this is true - my only counter to that is the bottom of the loaf is a little denser (you can see it at kind of screwed up breads as they got caught up in these new cotton liners I bought that im now dumping....bottom line is that im not sure if the large holes are a shaping issue or, as you say, a proofing issue....either way theres only 15 minutes between them over a 24 hour period (including fridge)  

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David R

I think the key is right at the bottom of your original post - "please excuse shaping". It's easy to excuse you when the shaping doesn't work well due to an accident. You are most certainly excused. BUT it's not the same as "please ignore shaping", and I get the impression that "ignore" was what you meant. Ignoring shaping is just not possible - everything you do to the dough affects it.