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Flour Blender

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Flour Blender

I decided to boost the ash content of my bread flour by adding a little WW flour. The calculator below calculates the ash content of the blend.

Enter the ash content of your flours in column D. Enter the proportion of each flour in your blend n column C.

NOTE: Cell C6 must equal 100%.

Please report any bugs.

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David R

I did have a problem with those little beetles a few years ago... ?

Seriously, there's barely anything a bread baker can possibly do, that someone hasn't already documented and made a handy calculator to go with it. I'm not completely sure what I would use my final ash % for - I mean what I would gain from knowing it - but I guess if I got to a certain % and discovered that it was very close to a product available off the shelf, it could save some time.

Plus I guess bread calculators are for people who just want to know. Just to know. Everything. ?