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Our Crumb

Toad.d.b > Our Crumb

I regretted Toad.d.b since the moment it chose me (I will never confess that I chose it for my TFL username).  Having had a nano-epiphany while composing a post here a few days back, I've gone 'n done it: changed my TFL username to Our Crumb.  And I've adopted an avatar with some ancient family food history.

There.  Done.

dab, you'll have to call them crumbies now.  Or crumbles.  Or . . .

Happy Baking,



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David R

Maybe you need some interesting new music to listen to while baking - especially if you've played and re-played your old "Bread" LPs too many times, or too often sung their "Baby I'm-a Want You" toward a closed oven door. ?

Since it has now become especially appropriate, may I perhaps suggest something by George Crumb? ?

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What's in a name? ?