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I have a new toy. :)

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I have a new toy. :)

Hubby and I discussed the pros and cons of a dough mixer.

The pros won and I now own a kitchen aid artisan miser! We took a 5 year warranty out on it just in case, so now, I am going to go mad this week playing with it!





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You will love your new toy. Makes those super wet doughs so much easier to handle.


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Poolish tonight.........

Ciabatta and Pugliese tomorrow :D





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How thrilled you must be.  I can hear the excitment in your "YAY!".  Well have a good time with it.  Go run around it and touch it and turn it on and off and you know, make food with it too.  What color did you get?  Years ago my mother bought me my black artisan as a gift and then about six months later they came out with all those neat colors.  Such is the way of things.  Happy mixing.

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I gots me a red goes faster you know ;)  (its actually my favorite colour and goes with the household decor....seeing as it will never ever be put away!)



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 I am also pleased about your new toy, but I think you did a very wise thing by taking out the 5 year coverage......


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I think so too Qahtan.

I read the manuel (something I dont often do lol) and am only using it on the suggested speeds with in the suggested maximum amount.

It really is saving me alot of time. I have mixed two batchs of dough already and havent had to clean the benches or bowls or spoons etc. It is also saving on flour as I dont use extra to knead (as I find wholewheat is stickier than white)

So far I am happy, but I know that the mechanics can easily fail :)



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Congrats on your new tool. I've had one like that for 25 years and it never skipped a beat. Great mixer!


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Wow very nice.

I had been thinking about investing in a mixer after an ancient mixer I inherited from my parents gave up the ghost last year - green ooze and strange fumes started leaking from it - I'm not kidding!

Sadly the vacuum cleaner decided to blow this weekend (sense a trend here?) So that takes priority <mumble grumble>

Anyway - enjoy the new toy.  Look forward to seeing the results!




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If it was me you would all be hearing me do a very loud "girl squeal" that all girls no matter where they live know how to do when you get something as way cool as a dough mixer! YEA!!!!...And red at that, I told my husband years ago that I love all colors as long as they are RED! Enjoy your new toy!


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my KA is going on 20 years old they don't break the 5 year was unnessery

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ah yes, but things happen :)  Our motto is with mechanical goods, its better to be safe than sorry :)



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One thing I learned from my husband was the solid worth of good tools. Enjoy your mixer - and the wonderful breads you'll make with it!

PS I love red! My kitchen walls are tomato red.

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lol. Our couches (sofas) beadspread, ensuite, pitcures, and kitchen linnen are all reds of some shade or another. Mainly deep deep red. :)

I cant get enough of the coulour!

And yes, having the right, quality tools for the job is very important. :)  I love that I made a loaf and some rolls and a btch of cinnamon rolls yesterday and all I had to do was wash up the Kitchen Aid bowl and hook and the proofing containers. No dough stuck to wooden spoons or to the bench :) It was great and saved me so much time!


I love my new Tool....toy.... :) 

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The KitchenAid company has been very good to me...I owned a Classic for 30 years & decided to go a little larger so now I have an Artisan...I just loved both machines (I gave the Classic to my daughter)...this company has sent me free parts and cookbooks when I needed them, they didn't have to do that, the machine was no longer under warranty, but they did it anyway, all I had to do was ask!

Have fun!   Beth

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It is a wonderful appliance! I got one about a year ago and it is indeed great to have. I chose the "majestic yellow" color :-)

have fun!