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Amazing Colomba di Pasqua Video. (Artigianale)

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Amazing Colomba di Pasqua Video. (Artigianale)

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I love a nice diving arm mixer video! If only there was a small affordable one!


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TY...what a lovely dough...I saw a few things about technique I can use...

Seems they blend the eggs for the 2nd dough with sugar before adding...I have always just added my eggs 1 at time to my pannetone or other breads of sort. 

But I LOVE the hanging the bread upside down (like an angle food cake).  I will definitely do that next time I make panneton cause I can see bamboo skewers working if I can suspend the loafs somehow.  

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The *one* time I made Pannetonne, I hung it by skewers between the backs of two chairs. (all the while worried the dog would eat it.)

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I've been trying to figure out how to hang it...and I don't have a dog...LOL! 


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Edo Bread

<< and the cats - no way!

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David R

Maybe the dogs-or-cats households need a bird cage to cool the bread in. ?