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Crusty Corn buns

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Crusty Corn buns

A few weeks ago I attempted a bake using corn flour, inspired by Dutch style soft corn bread. It's basically a soft fluffy bread good for toasting, baked with a hint of corn flour for colour and flavour. Anyway, I felt like baking buns and decided to incorporate some corn. Ingredients:

  • (100%)  600 gr flour, 80% plain white 20% finely milled corn flour
  • (2%)      12gr salt
  • (17%)    100 gr SD starter (100% hydration rye)
  • (60%)     360 gr water
  • 5 tbsp of fresh corn kernels 
  • Handful of seeds for topping (I used pumpkin)


  • Autolyse flours and water for 30-35 min
  • Knead in KA on low (all ingredients aside from the seeds) for approx 6 min
  • S+F over 3-4 hours whilst the dough rests covered
  • Turn out, portion dough out and let rest 10 min
  • Shape each bun making sure to create surface tension
  • Bake in hot oven (230 celsius) with steam 20 min, remove steam and bake till done. I baked for a total of 32 min.

Overall they tasted great but were a tiny bit dense. I also should have taken them out of the oven 2 or 3 minutes earlier, the tops went a bit dark but still tasted good. Recently I've been adding a tiny pinch of yeast to my bun doughs to get a lighter texture, in future I think I'll keep doing that.

Happy baking!


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These buns like very interesting & yummy. You said you used corn flour. Is that the same as masa harina that is used to make corn tortillas?

thanks, claudia