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muffins browning browning too much, please help

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muffins browning browning too much, please help

I like to use sweetened condensed milk in some baked goods (Muffins and cakes). Unfortunately there are two problems I'm having when I use a recipe that calls for sweetened condensed milk:

1.They brown too much.

2.The outside of the muffin is done before the inside (so to ensure the inside isn't under-baked, I have to cook it for a longer period of time; since the outside cooks faster it becomes too thick and develops a hard crust)

I understand that due to the high sugar content of sweetened condensed milk, it's causing the muffin to brown too much much.  

I've tried reducing the temperature and I also bake the muffins on the lower rack of the oven, since as far as I know of baked goods on the upper racks bake faster.  These things have helped, but I'm still having problems with this.  The only other thing I can think of is the bake ware I am using; I could try silicon, but what I've researched is that  with silicon bake ware, you don't get good browning, which I still want  (I just don't want muffins that are too brown) .

What should I do?