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My go-to WW Sourdough (70% hydration)

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My go-to WW Sourdough (70% hydration)

This weekend I baked my recent go-to Sourdough ft. my own starter (he's called Steve and is a 100% hydration rye starter). 

  • For flour I use a 50:30:20 ratio of wholegrain spelt, regular wholegrain flour and coarse white flour (type 1050 in the German system, its a bit like a "weak" wholegrain flour with a fairly high protein content). 
  • I autolyse for an hour, knead in KA for about 5 min, S+F for about 4 hours. I use 70% hydration and 10% starter, which is a bit sloppy and messy but makes for a tender, well airated dought despite the high amount of wholegrain flour.
  • I shape in the evening, bulk ferment in banneton in fridge overnight and bake next day straight from fridge. . I bake in a rippin' hot DO with plenty of water spritzing, 25 min covered and 22 min uncovered. This is a great recipe for a tangy SD that is also nutritious. The spelt flour is slightly sweet and very tender. Sometimes I top it with seeds etc. but this weekend I left it plain.

Happy baking!


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and the fact it has 70% whole grain unit is impressive. I bet it tastes wonderful!

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Thank you! It tastes great, it is a little dense in comparison to breads I've baked with lower ww content but my partner and I love the taste and texture. I can higly recommend spelt flour, its sweet and gentle in flavour and doesn't affect texture as much as normal ww flour.

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Your go-to sourdough loaf is a nutritious and hearty bread and must taste great with the wholegrain spelt.  Very nice bread!


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Yes, I really can recommend spelt for sourdough baking. 

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Nice looking bread, especially for so much whole grain.  I'd love to experience coarse white flour.