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San Francisco Trip - Bakery Suggestions?

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San Francisco Trip - Bakery Suggestions?

I said yes to a work trip in San Francisco mostly because I wanted to eat bread out there!

I am planning on eating as much Sourdough as I can so please make any recommendations of bakeries you've had great bread at in SF. I don't know much about the area other than Tartine. Suggestions for famous and not-so-famous bakeries are welcome! 


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The Mill


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Arizmendi bakery is a co-op with several locations in the city. There are always lines, especially for the pizza at lunchtime.

i also just found Marla bakery in the Richmond district (the northwest part of the city). I only had their rye at a restaurant recently and it was one of the best I’ve had. They have several others that I plan to try.


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Jane the Bakery has three locations in the city. I've heard they also have a chocolate or chocolate chip sourdough. Call ahead if you have something particular in mind in case they run out or haven't baked it for the day yet.

Definitely try Tartine. There's the original location & also Tartine Manufactory (restaurant). 

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Thanks for the suggestions! I really loved The Mill. Great pizza and I took home a rye loaf that's lasted me over a week and still going strong.